Wargo French

Distinction with a Difference

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Wargo French’s bankruptcy and restructuring attorneys work with debtors and creditors throughout the country on Chapter 7 & 11 cases that are complex when measured by legal theories, parties, or the amount in controversy.  We also represent national and local trustees and receivers, high-net worth individuals and companies in all aspects of bankruptcy procedure and litigation, including, claim and avoidance litigation, actions to except debts from discharge, actions to re-characterize debts, contested confirmation hearings and Section 363 purchases and sales.

Our model affords clients something unique: The resources necessary to provide effective representation in the most complex matters, without sacrificing the efficiency that has permitted us to be engaged in smaller matters that nonetheless require sophisticated counsel.

The following matters are indicative of the types of restructuring & bankruptcy matters successfully handled by Wargo French attorneys:

  • Represented an international life settlement company, resolving 1000s of claims from investors across the globe, resulting in a confirmed Chapter 11 Plan.
  • Represented one of the largest national independent mortgage originators involving an excess of $11 billion in claims against multiple Fortune 500 companies.
  • Represented one of the largest national home builders in over 1,800 avoidance action lawsuits seeking over $50 million.
  • Represented an American boxing promoter in multiple litigation actions against professional boxers.
  • Represented the receiver of a property and casualty insurer in the investigation and prosecution of directors and offices litigation, and associated insurance coverage litigation and appeals. 
  • Represented the Defendant in the trial of a fraudulent transfer lawsuit seeking in excess of $50 Million.